Who we are
in the service of Socialism

The Revolutionary Socialist League is an organization anchored on fighting for the emancipation of the working class; those whose labour produces the means of livelihood for all the people of the world. Formed in 2019, by Young revolutionary cadres,The Revolutionary Socialist League fights for the total liberation of the Kenyan people in particular and the African people in general, and all the oppressed and suppressed peoples of the world struggling to smash exploitation in all its forms. The RSL is geared towards the ultimate fulfilment of the aspirations of the people of Kenya, Africa, and the world at large. The RSL, in committing itself to the struggle of the working class of the whole world, recognises the need to come together speedily, for the sake of the triumph of the International Socialist Movement, with other working class organizations throughout the world, into an international socialist organization. The RSL therefore seeks to engage with progressive and revolutionary movements throughout the globe. The Revolutionary Socialist League bases itself upon the values of Socialism; Honesty; Equity; Solidarity; Humility; and Internationalism.

Our Manifesto

The Revolutionary Socialist League (RSL) is a Marxist-Leninist organization, committed to the complete overhaul of the current exploitative capitalist system and its replacement by socialism.